Friday, June 20, 2014

Paleo Friendly Breakfast Bowl

Ahhhh Summer... I totally agree, Leo.
So this week being summer, I am trying a lot of different breakfast options. I created some "egg muffins" with various veggies & meat in them, we've had a few veggie filled omelets, and I've also made some of Diane's various muffins.  For some reason every day, I still feel a struggle with what to have for breakfast. I think before I just always grabbed cereal, or a nutri grain waffle (not healthy like you think it is!!), and I was good to go. Now I have to sit down and think "okay, what will be filling, paleo friendly, and easy for breakfast".  I'm sure this will get easier, but I am not at the point in my "paleo journey" to start having steak & vegetable leftovers for breakfast.

So this morning, after a quick Wegmans trip to stock up on some more paleo essentials - tapioco flour, arrowroot flour (what?!) and almond flour, it was time to cook breakfast. I REALLY wanted some grits with eggs and bacon on top, but hmmm can't do that. So I snagged the leftover Cauli-Mashers from last night (mashed cauliflower - see below), heated them up with a handful of spinach leaves.  Then I crumbled some of my Baked Bacon (recipe from Practical Paleo) on top.  Then I made 2 over easy eggs to go on top. YUM.  The cauli-mashers were so creamy, and between the cauli & the spinach I felt like I was doing myself some good with adding veggies to my breakfast.   Success! I wish I had some better pictures, but frankly, I was starving, so this is the best I could do!

Excuse the gross nature of the picture... There really was no good angle down in my little bowl

Before we finish - let's give 3 cheers to Kyle! Last night Kyle cooked his first paleo meal! Go Kyle!!  He made chicken breasts (non-organic, but they were in the freezer so I'm going to use them!) with the Practical Paleo "Savory Chicken" recipe.  These are baked in the oven.  He also made what I call "Cauli-Mashers", I think Diane calls them "Faux-taters" or something like that, but cauli-mashers just sounds more fun.  They were delicious and creamy, no added almond milk or anything.  We just seasoned them up to taste, added some grass-fed butter and enjoyed! Lastly I made our favorite sautéed brussel sprouts in coconut oil vs. olive oil. They were crispy and lovely. So 3 cheers for Kyle!!
Yum! Kudos to Kyle!
Those 'mashers were delicious!
Leo wants IN on those cauli-mashers

Happy FRIDAY!!
Love always - Jack =)

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