Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I neglect Again...

Well.. I think it's more than obvious that blogging is not my thing. I'm not great at the consistency. Don't get me wrong, when I'm into it, I'm into it.  But when I'm planning a wedding and getting ready for a new school year, I don't turn to it as an outlet. Sure, I still find it VERY motivating. I receive a lot of messages from people that tell me I'm motivating to them - which is amazing - because in turn those messages motivate me to keep going on my own personal journey.  So to those of you that were waiting to hear how music camp went, I apologize for my laziness.

Long story short - music camp week went great.  I actually lost a pound over the week, despite only running about two times throughout the week.  The food was wonderful - it served as a stress reliever in between stressful rehearsals!  I felt like I didn't totally wreck my stomach. I DID join kyle in the cafeteria a few days for lunch, because, well I simply missed him and wanted to chat.  That being said, I stuck to salads with hard boiled eggs, and usually the fish selection they offered (still made my stomach grumble) and the steamed veggie option. Considering our college had awesome food, go me.

Also - our wedding tasting was incredible. Words i would use to describe it are: delicious, amazing, fun, drunk, CAKE, white chocolate lobster risotto cup (nuff said).  We really are truly lucky to have selected such an incredible venue to have our special day.

So now here are my collective thoughts from the past few months - and kind of where I leave you all for now, seeing as there is no physical, possible way I am going to try to find time to blog in the next three months.

Kyle and I have been talking a lot lately about how we can see Paleo as a lifestyle.  Not a strict lifestyle, for me personally, and those that are strict may be shaking their heads at me, but that's okay.  I want to raise my kids someday on real, whole foods, and frankly, I feel best when I'm eating real, whole foods.  But I can't go my whole life without a pizza cheat, or a hoagie cheat (a philadelphia suburbs girl needs a cheesesteak once in a while).

I've lost over 10 lbs and I have been feeling great about myself.  I've started taking more time on my hair and making it look nice, my makeup, and picking out my outfits. I feel "cute" on a daily basis, and even Kyle has said he's noticed a 'sexy' confidence in me (HELLO!) since the start of the summer when I began paleo.

I also want to preach what so many other people do. Don't do this alone. My parents eat Paleo, Kyle joins in with me, and my best friend started doing Paleo.  Sharing stories and recipes with friends and family is FUN and such a motivation.  Also, don't be scared of someone who is doing paleo (unless they are not flexible).  If I come to your house, I will eat whatever you have!  I am still a normal person who eats normal things, but on my own, I maintain a paleo lifestyle.  But you would like to serve me a delicious plate of alfredo pasta? GO FOR IT! I will survive.

I am slowly but surely reaching my goals, and I am OK with a slow road.  I can handle a slow road. slow and steady wins the race. These are the lbs I am saying goodbye to and will not see again.

GO ME.  I am going to say that I am signing out for a while, as well.  I am planning a wedding that is less than three months away, and I am also trying to be a killer teacher to my amazing students, oh yeah and be a Fiancee to my AMAZING fiancee.

Love always
- Jack xo