Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Cooler

This refreshing drink I got the inspiration from last year on a Pinterest blog of course.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find the original link, but it said something about this speeding up our metabolism.  I honestly don't know if it does, but what I do know is that it encourages me to drink more water because it's refreshing!  Water is great, but sometimes it can get boring. This adds some natural flavor without any preservatives/sugars etc.

Enjoy! & Refresh!

What you need:
-1 Lemon
-1 whole cucumber
-10 mint leaves
How To:

-Slice lemon into medium slices, or you can cube, it is honestly personal preference.
-Peel & slice cucumber.
-Leave the mint leaves whole!
-Place all items into a large pitcher.  Mine holds approx. 3L (and is rather large).
-Fill the pitcher up with water.
-Let the drink sit for approx. 2 hours. Enjoy!

-It does not mater how much water you add - I usually fill mine up to the 2Liter mark, and just refill it when it gets down to the 1L mark.

*Serving Suggestion- Take off the cap & let some of the cucumber, mint & lemon fall into the cup.

*A Twist! - add SkinnyGirl Cucumber Vodka in a small glass (I have yet to try it, but I will!).

love always - Jack

ps - tomorrow is the first day of school in the new school! Yay!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm back.. I hope

Hi! Long time no chat. I'm not going to try to make excuses for myself, except just say life got in the way (in a good way) and blogging fell to the bottom of my list. As did Weight Watchers and fitness. But I am back, and I plan on sticking to my goals once again. Sitting back and looking at the whole scene, I realized that blogging kept me really motivated. I by no means expect this blog to be as successful as some that I visit, but it is just a really great outlet for me to share recipes, and honestly just keep myself motivated with my weight loss goals.  So, let's pray I'm back for good this time!  Being at the beach, having chats with my cousin, and talk about health and fitness, I feel refreshed and motivated. We all need that once in a while don't we?

Where to start? Last time I blogged was April 28, and in approx. 3 months I have lots of HUGE news.

1. I GOT ENGAGED!  My wonderful, wonderful fiancee proposed to me on May 11, 2013.  In my last post I talked about how we were house hunting, well if you've bought a house you KNOW that buying a ring does not fit into that picture. I was so shocked, to say the least, which is so special to me because I am normally an OCD CONTROL FREAK (anyone that knows me is probably sitting at their computer nodding vigorously).   You can read more about the Proposal in "The Lucky Gal". I figured I would put the story up there so that I can enjoy it over & over!

2. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! The horrible hunt finally came to an end.  We were blessed with a WONDERFUL realtor, as well as a wonderful lender who we felt were really truly looking out for our best interests. After a million failed attempts at townhomes in our town, we decided to change our search and check out single family homes.  Wouldn't you know we saw this adorable little place that looked like a barn out in a lake community 10 minutes outside of town. We fell in love and knew we had to see it.  The inside was a bit scary (dark dark walls) & the furniture was HUGE for a small space, but we saw the potential.  Wouldn't you know that we found out the seller accepted our offer the night BEFORE we got engaged??  Can we say most overwhelming 24 hours of my life?? It was a short sale, which means it should last a long time, and it lasted 5 days!  Next thing you know, July 3rd rolled up and we were settling for our precious little barn home.  Now please, don't think I'm making this out to be easy. Anybody knows that buying a house is such a rigorous and honestly, terrible process. I was so stressed I could barely eat for 3 days before settlement.  Despite our wonderful assistance, it is still stressful none the less. Am I making the right decision? Are we stupid for doing this? Is it too much? is it too big? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. If Kyle & I survived buying a house, I am confident we will have a successful marriage =).
Icky Walls and Color before (with primer started)
Our adorable kitchen after! 2 coats of primer & 2 coats of paint later!
3. We were at the beach for a whole week and a half!  My bloated self thoroughly enjoyed an adorbs one piece swimsuit I got from target, and we had a great time. First hitting up the awesome Atlantic City for a bachelor/bachelorette party for friends, followed by Fam-Time in Rehoboth!  Nothing beats Rehoboth beach. Clean, beautiful, peaceful.  My inner-old-lady just loves it.

4. I conquered Etown music camp Show Choir for the 4th year in a row. Did I attend? NO, but I have the pleasure of directing their show choir. Now let me make this known, this show choir has a 1 hour rehearsal, 5 days a week. Friday night we perform.  Meaning I have 5 hours to put this show on. My co-director suggested Les Mis for this year, which we were a bit wary about at first, but it turned out fantastic. THe kids never cease to amaze me how hard they work and how talented they are.  It was one of those amazing proud teacher moments, when 46 (yes 46 in a show choir, and PROUD) amazing students, are marching in the epic Les Mis triangle singing "Do you hear the people sing", while the littlest one is waving a red flag in the background. I bawled like a little baby, forget directing, I just cried.  That moment of feeling so utterly proud of your kiddos? priceless. Sorry for the cheese-moment, it's just a great feeling.
They're so awesome =)
5. We picked a venue!!  The beautiful Inn at Leola Village. It's an old Amish farm that was converted to an Inn, and they eventually built reception venues.  Our guest list is HUGE as of right now (close to 200) and we are having the hardest time.  I really have so much more respect for people that plan weddings.  No more comments about "Ugh I can't believe I wasn't invited". 1st of all weddings are expensive. 2nd of all it is so difficult to create a guest list. If I could invite everyone that I enjoy, I'd probably have 300 on my guest list, but like I said weddings are expensive, and that needs to be respected.  I am so honored to have been invited to all of the weddings that I have been able to attend, because I understand the hardships endured so that I can attend (well me and everyone else).  We also found a fantastic-sassy photographer who I just love.  We're working on the DJ & I'll probably check out dresses for the 'maids soon.
A shot of the Reception/Wedding Hall
Oh yeah!  In order to pick our bridal party we did these awesome packages with the theme of "mustaches". My awesome fiancee came up with the idea thanks to Pinterest.  His read "Dude, I mustache you a question" or "Bro, I mustache you a question, will you be my Groomsman?".  In order to respond the boys had to send back a picture of themselves wearing a mustache! SO CUTE.  I sent out little boxes that had cards in them that read "I found my man, but I still need my girls..." They also had to send back pictures of themselves wearing mustaches.  I just love how the whole concept is FUN and cute.  FUN is the theme of our wedding (aside from the rustic chic color scheme I am going with).
I just love it!
Okay, enough for now.  A recipe for some Spaghetti Squash coming later on today!  As well as a blog about the AWESOME eats' down in Rehoboth.

Check out "The Lucky Gal" for the story of our Proposal!

xo - Jack