Monday, July 7, 2014

Reflections & a Protein "Shake"


Well I just came back down to earth after a fabulous weekend. A great July 4th downtown enjoying every little bit of our great town Frederick, and some fabulous Fireworks.  Then Kyle & I accompanied my parents and nieces to Dutch Wonderland Saturday - it has been probably close to 15 years if not more since I've been there - and man that's a fantastic place! We had a BLAST and such a FUN day.  We did the water park, lots of rides, I took abbey on her first 'big' roller coaster (which was terrifying making sure she was comfortable and not scared - parents, I got a glimpse into your life), saw some shows and ended the day with princess dolls treated by Aunt Jax & Uncle Ky.

So now onto my "reflections" I again keep going back to my new "outlook" on food. How I look at food is so different, and it still throws me through a loop. Did I cheat this weekend? Absolutely! What could I really find paleo friendly at dutch wonderland (well there were salads but I ignored them).  But it felt so good to get back to my Paleo yesterday.  I was just telling a friend I always used to go to bed feeling "full", and that feeling is gone. I don't feel full, and bloated anymore.  I rarely have headaches anymore, and honestly I rarely have stomach aches at all anymore. It's fabulous. It's absolutely fabulous.

Also - I started running again today. Kyle and I got up together and did a, as I like to call, a "trot" through the neighborhood.  We did just over 2 miles (it felt like 13...seriously), but I did it. It was a start. It was a foot out the door. And it was HILLY, man is our neighborhood hilly!!  Later this week I'll be running with a friend, who will hopefully motivate one another next week while working at my College's music camp as well. I am excited to see the results of eating Paleo and working out and keeping myself fully healthy. =) Thumbs up!

Some Blogs: I have found that I am now OBSESSED with exploring Paleo blogs.  There almost seems to be a sort of group of women that all share each others blogs and encourage one another - it's nice to see in a competitive society. If you are thinking of going Paleo, or have gone Paleo here are a few blogs I highly recommend checking out: (just ordered her book - the paleo kitchen) (diane sanfilippos - practical paleo creator - blog)

These ladies are fantastic and not only have great recipes, but they have a lot of great things to say! Last night I made Diane's "Shrimp Pad Thai" from BalancedBites and it was PHENOMENAL! (Kyle loved it too - and of course we love those Zoodles!)
Onto the protein shake! I was thinking I should have a go-to protein 'shake' that is still fairly lite for when I get back in from a run. Something that won't make me feel like I'm going to vom (like when kyle eats ketchup eggs.. EW).  So I looked up a few recipes, I wasn't totally sold on, and I created my own.  I know there is debate about protein powder being paleo friendly, but frankly right now I am just going to use what's in my cupboard!  I just so happen to have Vanilla Organic "All natural" protein Powder.

Banana-Vanilla Protein Shake/Smoothie
1 Banana
1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder 
1 tsp Vanilla
5 ice cubes
1/4 cup of water

Put all in a blender and mix together - enjoy!  

Mine kept me nice and full, and did not make me feel gross and vom-like! Success!

Happy Monday!
Love always - Jack =)

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